Helen Fidler seeks to create beautiful spaces that evoke strong emotions in her audience. Her bold and unique visual vocabulary observes her favourite artists and architects, such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Jackson Pollock. She free-flows from surrealism into an unrestrained abstract style when she paints, which carries over into her interiors when decorating clients’ homes. “My art is an expression of how I work through the troublesome realities of this world in a way that hopes to bring beauty to everything I touch,”  she explains. For her, designing gorgeous interiors and creating stimulating paintings are essential to making the world around her a more beautiful space. 

Born in Toronto, Ontario, in 1979 and raised by parents who encouraged the love of the arts, Helen has spent most of her life submersed in the pursuit of creativity and style. Her grandmother Marta Danes who was her biggest mentor was a clothing designer/artist and art collector. Helen dove into oil paintings at 16 years old, using art as an outlet. By 2004 Helen’s artistic expression expanded into business and home interiors when she received her Interior Decorating diploma. She worked on restaurants and home interiors before focusing on home staging over a decade ago. She currently is a Realtor and the team leader of Helen’s Team, Re/Max Solid Gold’s top-producing team in 2022. Her current position as Indwell’s Ambassador for Waterloo Region pays tribute to her passion for helping to provide homes for the unsheltered population. Her love for beautiful spaces empowers her to pursue the level of professionalism her clients have grown to expect. She currently resides and works in Waterloo Region with her family.